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Hi. I have not written for a while. Lots of things going on, lots of people around.
I realised something, from my lack of writing now... I realised there was an underground purpose to starting this blog. I think its possible that I started it to try to learn to communicate with myself and to get over communicating online obsessively with people that are far away. And I think it has works, in that sense, so that could be why I write a bit less now. But also I have just been really busy and my life has been really amazing and crazy in the last couple weeks so there hasn't been much time.

So here, some update, rapidly:

I'm working on this :

Pancevo Art Salon, 2008 : tensions + breaking points
I curated this show for the Pancevo Cultural Center's Contemporary Art Gallery, in collaboration with gallery director Jelena Radic. The Show is going well, everything is set up nicely, I'm happy with it. I got some great help from Jerome and Maruis Schebella for writing the curatorial statement and some help from Meinhart Benn and Weweje to fix up the CMS site. Look on the website for info and archives. We did a graffiti workshop this last weekend and there is an event hosted by Angela Dorrer next weekend.

On the way here from Vienna, Jerome and I traveled through Ljubljana and visited Kaja (a friend I met in yoga class in Lisbon). We went together to the Slovenian Sea, ate a giant meal in a small town and had a funny time with the police (not funny when it was happening, but Kaja's cuteness saved our asses.) Always carry your passport on you in Slovenia. The police man said : "You will now forget that you ever saw us, you will forget this whole event. All you will remember is that the 8th of November is the luckiest day of your lives!!!" Ok ok man. It was finally one of the very best days of my life, so I guess he knew something. Magical jerk police man...

After a series of other possible wrong turns and averted weird events... Jerome and I realised that if we stick together "nothing bad can happen to us now".

We thought about going to Sarajevo, apparently its super nice but the days were so warm and sunny and we were not in a mood to rush around touristing so instead we made am 8 hours drive stretch for 3 days. We drove through small roads between Zagreb(super nice city) and Novi Sad. WE camped in some forests and fields and were amazed that in mid November we could walk around outside naked and not be cold at all!

The place here in Pancevo is really great, a big apartment in the center of the city. One bedroom, kitchen and a giant loft room with many beds. For the first week it was just me and Je here and his week Zosen, Gjorge, Kaja and Gaia were here as well.

We had a graffiti workshop as part of the Salon. I even painted something.

Je went back to Berlin a few days ago, Kaja and Gaia returned to Ljubljana and today Zosen and Gjorge both went home. Now I'll hibernate here on my own till thursday. I have to try to avoid the drinking follies of the hospitable locals! I already had enough of that last weekend! I can't keep up!

This week Angela Dorrer, Yovo Panchev, Andy and a friend of hers from PR will come to Pancevo. I will do an AV set in Nik and Fransizka's Slobberclub evening on November 6th at ElectroGonner in Vienna and then on the 9th I will take a train to Berlin and stay there for a while.

Kaja gave us a Kefir (small bacteria monster) and we carried it here and have been making yogourt each day. I'll try to keep it going for the trip back to Berlin. I guess these never die.


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