DJ not_that_kyd

i was dj last night, in vienna at ElectroGonner during Nik Suchentrunk's Slobberclub.
it was so super, even tho i cannot mix at all! hehe
i was playing the MOST bad music, super cheese (The Roots, Daddy Yankee, Radio Radio, Sean Paul...)
and people danced so much.
the other earlier djs were serious, playing minimal, mashup and some drum and bass, they actually knew what they were doing.

I was laughing so hard the whole time I played because I was playing the most beyond shit music
and people loved it and were dancing, ok, it was pretty late and they were drunk, but still...

then Nik and I played together, making a competition to outdo each other by playing the most low brow, trash song ever,
too funny. I'm not sure if the country music, Sean Paul or Dolly Parton won the competition.

I want to make a party with Nik in Berlin sometime soon, this time we will both prepare our worst shit dance music ever and make a real competition to out-cheese each other.
Dancing guaranteed!

I was nervous before this set, which was just spose to be 50 minutes, so I prepared everything in advance, premixed it and only had to press play. But at the end of the set, there was one reggaeton track and people went completely crazy, so Nik said I was not allowed to stop and then I had to just pick the tracks on the spot, so I did, and completely butchered the mixing but it really didn't matter, people liked it anyways and it was in that second part (which continues for 2 more hours) that things really got funny!

I also made the video for the set. It was super minimal and a huge contrast with the chaotic music. Just a clip of hair blowing in the wind, 40 min long, slow motion... I called the video 'TALE', its a 42 min loop. Its from a short clip I shot in 2005 on the Black Sea in Bulgaria.

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