tiny moment of FASTCORE with Prumyslova Smrt

Prumyslova Smrt
powerviolence/ fastcore group from Jihlava, CZR
video by Kyd Campbell
concert @ KOMA-F (Koepi), Berlin - Feb 6th, 2009

Jerome organized this concert at KOMA-F in Berlin. The first two bands, some punk junk, I forgot the names, were horrible. Let's forget about them. Though at least the second one was more energetic than the first.

But the third band, Prumyslova Smrt visiting from Jihlava in the Czech Republic were really super! The singer was on the floor with the crowd, screaming really hard, kind of powerviolence, but never directed at anyone else, just showing his own energy. The drummer was reallly brillant and within the really noisy music you could still make out great rhythms. And finally, like I find with many really hardcore noisy bands, the guys were just really nice and calm when they're not on stage. I think making noise is good for people.

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