ok so its always the joke in Europe that you can go over to Canada and grab a piece of land and live off it.

Well its not bullshit... you really can, at least you could in 1998. I don't know about now but I bet its worth a try. I was in Whistler again recently for my brother's wedding and I went back to look for our old place and I actually found it!

my dear friend Julie and I adopted this cabin in Whistler, fixed it up a bit and lived in it for a good many months until it got way too wintery. I must note that it rains ALOT in Whistler in the fall. We had rubber rain suits and huge boots, super sexy.

The thing is that at least this kind of homesteading may not be as romantic as you hope for! Check out the delux toilet! all I can recommend is that you get a whole bunch of large dogs to keep your toes warm at night and keep the bears and skunks away. (yes there really were bears and skunks and squirrels and raccoons around, we have those in Canada).

ah... the good old days...

I don't have any photos from back then because, yes that was before everyone had digital cameras... its too bad, because we were so young and even cuter than the dogs.

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