broken bit

this part on my moped is broken... does anyone know what's its called and how to fix it? Its a tiny bit of metal that sits in a groove and stops the flywheel from spinning around. Its essential to be able to start the bike. The little semi circle is broken in bits. I don't know what the original piece looked like.

I hope if I can if it then the bike will come to life again!

This part is obviously broken. The bike might have other problems too, but I'll start with this one and then go step by step. It was running well till suddenly something busted and the flywheel spun off, so this is a good place to start, I hope!

my bike:

HELP! Please!

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red_ambiance said...

HI Kyd !
Your cranckshaft is dead, the woodruff key ( the semi circle piece of metal) got loose & damage the place where it sits! Unfortunately you will need to strip the engine to change the crank, the seals & gasket probabely....

Karl from Montreal : )