black radish syrup

I got a black radish from the guy who sells local veggies near my place and he told me something in German about using the radish to make an extract, with oil or honey, but I didn't really understand. After looking it up online I quickly found this info. So now my radish is a member of the kitchen, I can keep it for a while, as I understand and keep on making the syrop. Apparently its good to drink it daily. I found the info here

I put the radish upside down on a cup, cut off the long root bit (underside now pointing up), dug out a little bowl, stabbed it once with a big needle and put in the honey and it started dripping out the tiny hole after just a couple minutes. It should take 2 or 3 hours for all the syrop to drop down. Then you can repeat the process daily, I guess until the radish starts to look ugly.

sorry, no personal photos right now. I am a bit technology challenged this week.

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