Hello, I'm in Berlin, right now doing... THIS:

+ : we can always be happy. online+CTM 23 jan.09. berlin

. created online work we can always be happy with sound artist Geronimo Inutiq for the online gallery of . will be presented onsite in the exhibition at Club Transmediale at Kunstraum Kreuzberg 23.01-01.03 Opening on 23rd at KKB

+ ARTKILLART03 : exhibition + performances . 28-30 jan.09. berlin

. curating AV + procedural sound art focused exhibition + performance night at Berlin's .HBC location at Alexanderplatz, in partnership with ARTKILLART/RYbN, Staalplaat and CTM. expo 28-30ja.09, perfs 30jan.09

Coordinating the talk sessions in the Open Space series. At around 14h at HKW Jan.29th-Feb 1st.

Other NEWS:

+ Kevin (RYbN), Franziska (VJ), Nik Suchentrunk, Elsa Vieira, and MINIBLOC are going to be lin Berlin for TM!

+ Some kind of FAKE DJ/VJ mess is going to happen on the evening of Feb.1st at the HKV while the TM is wrapping up... news soon...

+ I'm doing tons of German paperwork so that I can soon get married.

+ I'm going to Amsterdam from March 2nd-9th for the Institute of Networked Cultures WinterCamp wit the Upgrade!

+ I'm managing to kind of survive in Berlin. Still kindly accommodated with my lovely friends Meike, Nara, Ewe and Jerome.

+ You could have read almost all of this (and more) if you just check out my website :

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