Heil Goodiepal

I saw the Goodiepal give a lecture today at Club Transmediale... he was incredibly amazing and... NUTS
he started yelling Heil Hitler... as if he really could not resist since he's in Germany... its so extreme...
I mean I do kind of understand that somehow, I also sometimes wanna do that here, but he was SO SPASTIC... it was amazing. so energetic...
it was visible after that he affected everyone in the place, the energy was changed, people looked so tired but also kind of wild, like they had all become spastic also...
such an entity!

ok that's my comment on the extreme bits and now about his content:
He spoke about a need to make non recordable, non scoreable, non trackable music, music that just is, is not like what comes before it and is so new and awesome it can still help you to get laid... not like burned out old Kid606 (am I interpreting...)

he spoke about the fact that the danger of computers becoming smarter than humans may be real, and it may not be a future thing, but rather that it has happened already, we just don't know it... because when do you ever know when a takeover is happening... its not like these kind of evil things get publicly announced... hey i am about to kill you, with this kind of weapon, at this place and time... takeovers are secret...

he is paranoid and optimistic.

Goodiepal is a dear friend of a dear friend of mine. I saw some similarities in their mannerisms and so somehow felt connected, but I did not go up and say hi or say anything to him, I was afraid or maybe thought it would be exhausting. Anyways there was nothing more to say, no more words could fit into the timeslot.

who the fuck (yes I said fuck) is the Goodiepal?

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Et pourquoi pas said...

j aimera bien venir vous voir, tu es a berlin? J ai des vacances la 2eme semaine de février??