PUMPS @ Proximos Festival in Tenerife

Jérôme and I are in Santa Cruz de Tenerife with Bonnie and Simone. They kindly invited us to their festival proximos.eu .

We're making an installation called PUMPS, a kind of interactive mechanical and electric sound(ok total noise!) mixer in the El-Pa-So bookshop. Here below are some photos of the first building day and today we're completing the installation. Tonight it will be open to the public and we will make a projection of films by Dominic Gagnon(ca) and Clémentine Lemaître(fr) and there will be performances by some local circuit benders. Find out more info on the proximos.eu website.

Team meeting at the juice shop. (Kyd, Simone, Jérôme)Suction cup sensor holder.
All the gear ready to move down to the bookshop for installation.

One of the new foot pumps.
The first balloon blown up.

We're building trhis project on the spot. Before we came we prepared some small motors and though about what kind of interaction we'd like to have. When we got here we found this great red air pump on Simone's roof and we thought it looked just like the kind of power button you'd like to stomp on. We then decided to stick the motors directly onto the glass, and to have them turn on and off by the visitors. So basically... in order to 'compose' some noise, you should keep pumping the pumps (5) which blow up balloons, which, as they rise touch the small switches and turn the motors on. Simple...silly...and funny for here because these pumps are really typical since everyone has all kinds of beach inflatables.

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