PUMPS @ Proximos Festival in Tenerife - Documentation

Jérôme and I built this interactive installation called pumps in true experimental fashion in just 2 days. We didn't know much about the location, so we just brought with us a bunch of motors and wire and some suction cups. When we arrived we found a cool red foot pump on the roof and decided to work with air to spin the motors. Simone helped us in Santa Cruz to find the other materials needed, balloons, hoses, switches and other small bits. It was great that so many kids showed up because this was a really fun thing for them to play with... pump the foot pump and as the balloon gets bigger, the switch is lifted and turns on the pump! Presto! Noise! The kids are dressed in traditional costumes because it was El Dia de las Canarias. Thanks to Bonnie, Simone, Cezar, Proximos and El Paso!

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