this is what I'm planning to make:

While watching a western film, the user hits buttons representing each character each time it enters the frame.

the counts are recorded and at the end of the film, when the END button is pressed, a small printout is produced, naming the 'winning' character. The printer will print 3 words : COWBOY, BAD GUY and HORSE. (surprise)

the unit will include:
a wooden box, 3 counter buttons, 1 end button, an incorporated printing mechanism and mechanics for print feedout, it will be battery powered.

SO... I need to write some Arduino code for counting and recording the counts, output for this info, triggering the mechanics and choose solenoids or tiny servo motors and think about how to "print".

Jamie said... "but why?"
Obviously, this will create really useful statistics and a 'game' for while you're watching a film... What's important anyways? Being alive or being the hero at the end of the movie or looking hot in more shots than all the other actors?

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