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this week I got into reading some articles from the Leonardo Almanac series on dispersive Anatomies:


I read:
Sandy Baldwin, "Introduction: the Anatomy of Dispersion"
Andy Clark, "Dispersed Selves"
Alphonso Lingis, "The Inner Cauldron; the Upward Array"

and will read:
Tom Zummer, "A Cartography of Interstices: Some Annotations Toward the Mapping of Biological-Technological Embodiment"

also, I have been finding great texts on the Monoskop log... currently holding:
- Beller, Jonathan - The Cinematic Mode of Production
- Cubitt, Sean - EcoMedia
- Kirschenbaum Matthew G. - Mechanisms: New Media and the Foresic Imaging
- Zielinski, Siegfried - Audiovisions: Cinema and Television as Entr'acts in History

I'll make some posts about how the reading goes...

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