Tsika's Dolls

I just put this amazing work back online... check out the whole lineup here:

This is a series of works I documented for my friend Tsika.
I hope I can visit her again one day.

Tsika receives messages from friends who life off on the planet Earth. They tell her incredible stories and instruct her to create the characters from the stories into a form that can be seen on Earth, so from these tales she makes dolls. Luckily in her town there is a local furniture factory who likes to donate their scraps, and so she has a ready supply of materials.

Her other worldly friends have also shared information with her in the past that has served to solve a Chicago kidnapping case and save a young boy and now the Chigago police still call her sometimes for advice. She's never travelled to America.

I got to visit Tsika a few times in 2006 with my dear friend Neda who gracefully translated hours of tales about each of the dolls.

I hope I can go back and visit soon and maybe with some better cameras this time.

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