real update : october

So lots of people, some I meet here in Vienna and everyone I talk to that is far away is asking me : What are you working on in Austria?

Answer: Nothing here.

Well, I haven't been online much, no internet at my house (me offline means I can only be online around once a day rather than all day) so I have not been writing very many updates or very elaborate emails. So here, I will try to make some kind of update until I get bored of typing.

I am working on the RAINBOWS project. There is a great open hackerlab here (Metalab), with wifi and an electronics lab and nice helpful people and some friends (I ran into the lovely Marius Schebella in here one day). I was in Graz and saw lots of PD people (Peter Plessas, Johannes Zmoelnig, Florian Hollerweger, Rene Hoffmuller) and Peter and I went to a great electronics super market. They even had wanter pumps that run on 12V which is more pratical than the pump I have right now, so I might have to go back.

I am living next to Angela Dorrer. She's my German artist friend and she recently moved here. In her building (we're in the 20 district) there was a tiny apartment so she rented it for guests and I rented it for this month from her. Its a cool place, just like a winnebago! Like a long skinny apartment, actually not so tiny and quite cute, with a great kitchen. Angela lives upstairs and we share a lot of meals and tea.

I am curating an exhibition for the Pancevo Gallery of Contemporary Art in Serbia. It will take place from the 20th till the 30th of November. I'm researching for that, contacting artists and

Socializing. People here are incredibly friendly and always have time to grab a drink and talk. So somehow, miraculously, I am actually managing to both work and socialize. There are tons of art events, museums, weirdo concerts, performances with people shitting on the floor(boring)....
Have been to : The Slobberclub at Electro Gonner, Flex, Brut, God's Entertainment, Fenster C, Rhiz, Werkzeug H ...
Elsa from Lisbon, put me in contact with Franziska and Nik here. They organize the Slobberclub and are starting ShareVienna soon. They are my entertainment coaches.

I am kind of being a student. Marina Grzinic is teaching in the Post-Contemporary Art Practices Department at the Academie of Fine Art and she invited me to attend the class while I am here in Vienna. The first class was a few days ago and went from 2pm till 11pm with pretty intense discussion the whole time. Class is held in a giant old loft that used to be for theatre set building and students sit on old sofas and can smoke and bring their dogs to class. very different from Concordia.

Proof-reading some texts for Dutch researchers and cultural managers.

Need some english proof-reading or some translation from french -> english? I'm your girl.

ok... that was the business update for this location. more emotion later.

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