want it to stop : for a break at least

I am in a sea of emails and collecting files for the exhibition in Pancevo, which is all programmed now and I am very happy about. But right now its the fun part of compiling everyone's texts and the final budget. All day in a pretty cafe, sitting on the computer, like a nerd. At least Christoph visited me for a while here and we laughed so much we even cried.

And now it's time to go meet Angela and Gerhald for another SAUNA PARTY! I forgot my camera again... and its to steamy in there anyways. This one isn't in a nightclub though.

Program for the exhibition:
- Angela Dorrer (Germany)
- Ivana Jovanovic (Serbia)
- Zosen (Argentina/Spain)
- EVOL [Roc Jimenez de Cineros] (Spain)
- Aleksandra Mir (Poland)
- AGF (Germany)
- Robert del Tredici (Canada)
- KUDA.org (Serbia)
- Veljko Onjin (Serbia)
- Istvan Kantor (Canada/Hungary)
- Gjorgje Jovanovik (Macedonia)
- Lucas Abela (Australia)

more details soon. after sauna

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