in Brut (a Vienna bar), for the last 3 weeks there have been SAUNA art parties.

the first week featured art by women, the second, art made by mixed groups and the third, last night was art by men.

Throughout the events a REAL SAUNA was installed in the night club! YES REALLY.

So each week were some artsy sound performances, AV performances (Franziska and Nik were great on mixed night) and some weirdo bands.

So I am picky about music and last night I went with Angela and Marius and met Nik there... but then I wasn't so into the music and was thinking of leaving until... I remembered THE SAUNA.

Yes this really is a real sauna inside of a big night club. It was made of a wood structure covered in kind of clear plastic with a sauna oven inside.

So Angela, Marius, I and some other people got undressed and got in the sauna. And it was so nice wew stayed in there for hours. It wasn't smoky and we were shielded from the outside party and goofy music by the warm ridiculousness of the sauna.

When some outsiders tried to peer in we called them "Schweine!"

I think I'd like to make more sauna parties :) Sorry , no photos because we were so stripped it was not the time to carry cameras. I know someone did take video with a very huge camera...maybe I will find it one day.

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