IRAN - real news vs no news

I have been hearing about the censorship of the media in Iran. I'm not much of a news follower, but I checked it out following geting a link to a really shocking blog by a woman from Tehran and I am completely stunned... in the real media... there is NO NEWS... really nothing. I mean they are just printing some trivial stories about the Venice bienniale and some fossils that were found in Spain. The only actually news is being sent out by bloggers and these people are at great personal risk of being arrested and killed.

Please take the time to check out both kinds of media, I think its the only way to understand the gravity of the situation and also the effects of this media cencorship. I heard also that it is helpful to these personal bolggers that all of us change the time zone settings of our blogs, facebook, twitter and any other social networking sites to Tehran time, so it will become more difficult for the regime to pick out those bloggers who are actually in Iran. I have changed mine now.

Image from the blog of Seda Naiumad (warning, this is a personal daily account, its really emotional and hard to read as it describes a lot of violence in full detail) To see the site you may have to accept the security certificate. Don't worry, it won't give you a virus or anything.

And this is the useless trash they are printing in the official media from Iran. This is an english newspaper. But its useless to look here for any real news.

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