music year

ok while I am on the subject of entertainment... normally I don't like silly joke mail, but my mom sent me this link for the top 20 hits of the year I was born and its actually funny. At first I was freaked out because it seemed so disco, but there are some decent ones actually.

1979. sister sledge, pink floyd, billy joel, chiq, village people(YMCA), michael jackson, the pretenders, amy stewart, kenny rogers!, rod steward, robert john, supertramp, donna summer, DR.Hook, Little River Band, The Knack, Bad Company, Sugar Hill Band, Charlie Daniels. FunnyFunny!
1967 JuKeBoX
1968 JuKeBoX
1969 JuKeBoX
1970 JuKeBoX
1971 JuKeBoX
1972 JuKeBoX
1973 JuKeBoX
1974 JuKeBoX
1975 JuKeBoX
1976 JuKeBoX
1977 JuKeBoX
1978 JuKeBoX
1979 JuKeBoX

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