running! - day 4 + 5

Oh, by the way, I did go running 2 days ago, but I got a bit discouraged. While I was running, a goofy loking old man on a bike started to ride beside me, like 2 meters away, at the very same speed. He wasn't even looking at me, but he was really close. For a moment I thought he was just a slow biker and would eventually speed up and pass me, but he just carried on beside and when I slowed down he did as well. Finally I just stopped and said to him that i really just wanted some peace to run. He never even reacted, just kept on going really really slowly, so I turn around and went back the other way.

But now I decided I really can't run in this location on the canal anymore, its really too annoying. This is unfortunate because its the only place around here that I can just run directly from the house without running on busy sidewalks. So now I guess I will have to find a new location and that requires a long walk before or a metro ride. I didn't want it to be this way because it makes it a much longer thing each time and it will be a bit harder to get motivated.

I'll go uptown and try running in the city park today. I'm also looking maybe for a borrowed dog. If I run with a very huge mean looking dog maybe these boring rude gentlemen will leave me alone.

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