running! - day 3

I'm so into running each day! I went again today and ran a bit longer. I used Helsing's trick lats night and wore sunglasses so I would not be bothered, and I think it worked. Except today I ran a bit later and it seems the public was a bit more feisty... not so cool. Like 10 cars slowed down and told me how hot I was and a few people walking past as well. I just ignore them, and then I feel totally snobby.. but really, I just want to be left alone. Do these guy really expect a reaction? Do they really imagine that I would like to talk to them or even hear what they think. Sorry everyone. I just want to run. Nice ot know you think I am hot though.

But regardless, its amazing this running... immediately since the first time, I suddenly went form feeling kind of depressed and disliking myself to feeling really great. And this is just from 10 minutes a day! I always thought people running seemed so silly hammering themselves into the earth, but now I'm starting to catch on. Also its not painful. My muscles are just a tiny bit sore so far, but no nasty knee pains or anything.


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Et pourquoi pas said...

hum, j aime ta nouvelle tapisserie!