digital day

I like this photo by Luis Montemayor, one of my stranger flickr contacts. Its nice for tonight, because I am about to get into a huge digital frenzy tomorrow with the exhibition. I think I am about to have to make friends with MS! O!

Today was all about building and curtains and cool ceiling projection screens and sweating and hot beer and birthday cake, shopping carts, plaster, and reses chocolates.

Tomorrow, projectors, computers, internet... and most of the artists will be buzzing around.
I have to say that is you want to have some good help installing your big nutty exhibition, call out Pardon, Sean Arden!!! Really loud and he might show up all the way from Canada with his very own toolkit.

upcoming Instructional Videos : how to make a new looking plinth out of some bashed up box made of old cardboard maps and sticks. How to cut a perfect 7 inch hole, without a saw. How to make realy good wifi. (I'm scared)

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