some pain

I have kind of been drinking more alcohol than usual. This still doesn't add up to alot, but during the last 5 days I had one drink each day. Each time it was because I have some pain. I always get kind of beat up from traveling. My suitcases are a bit heavy and here I had to climb some giant stairs. Also I have been carrying my laptop around a lot in the past month. I feel like a big weakling telling about this but I wanted to remark about the drinking. I know tons of people always have one drink everyday, but I don't make a habit of it so I can see this is really related to the pain. It does help though.
And what will help the most will be to arrive in Vienna tomorrow and stay there for some weeks.
At 8pm tonight I'll have to move the luggage down the stairs of the hotel... its not going to be fun.

I'm not sure what to do about this. I can't really have less stuff, I am living and working out of these 2 suitcases and I have already purged down to so little belongings. What is traveling with me now is kind of necessary for work, surviving and feeling like a normal person. Maybe I can get a pet llama to help move the things.

My shouders are sore, its a bit hard to sleep. The pain feels like this red bird somehow.
I'll find a yoga school in Vienna and try to go every morning for 4 weeks. I am still doing it on my own but I have been a bit slacker lately.

Animal paintings by Danica Masnikovic, Serbian painter.

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