"seuls les français sont des emotionnels"

my favorite fake band MeikeJejeOk

Par rapport au Canadiens, Jerome a dit: "vous êtes des machines qui se battent contre la neige à longueur d'hiver" disant... typiquement des non-emotionelles....

Its true maybe some how that its sometimes seen as shocking in Canada if you are super emotional.

I am in Skopje, working on the technical arrangements and exhibition layout of the Upgrade! International meeting Chain Reaction. Its from September 11th-14th. The event is a big one for Skopje and the main venue is the City Museum. Its full of artifacts, coins, stones, maybe even skulls... i forget... and we are installing all the digital art works amongst the museum collection.

I feel a lot better since I returned here to Macedonia. People are kind and human and the food is nice. Its very calm here, although we do have quite a chaotic job to organize this festival.

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