rainbow music

maybe you already know this but there was a band called Rainbow formed by former members of the wonderful Deep Purple. Really cosmic shit. But they were called 'heavy metal'... these days I never understand that description becausew e have so much hard music and I'm always listening to brutal noise music... so this stuff just seems less than 'heavy'.

of course I am right now downloading every single song they ever put out.

here is what it says on allmusic: formed 1974 disbanded 1984

On their second release Rising, Rainbow not only avoid the sophomore jinx; they hit a home run. After replacing the entire band (except Ronnie James Dio) immediately following the recording of the first album, Ritchie Blackmore and the Rising lineup (Blackmore; Dio; Tony Carey, keys; Jimmy Bain, bass; and the late, great Cozy Powell, drums) had plenty of time on the road touring the first album to get the chops and material together for their second. In particular, "Stargazer" really came together on the 1975 tour and featured stunning keyboard work from Carey. The material is uniformly strong, with "Starstruck" and "A Light in the Black" standing out in particular. Ronnie Dio turns in a great vocal on the stunningly direct (under three minutes!) "Do You Close Your Eyes." All six songs on the album are up there with anything the band has done, before or since. The playing has a very tight, colorful feel to it, which was lacking a bit on the first record. This album can legitimately be mentioned in the same breath as classic Deep Purple.

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