hands on

Photo by Edith.

My friend android Jesse in Oklahoma said he thought that going to feed his families animals might not be sexy, so often he didn't tell people when he went to do that.

I told him I am really good friends with the local dogs and cats where ever I live. I love thema nd can't resist touching them. Of course they are super dirty so I always have to carry a packet of antibacterial wipes with me, because I really cant resist touching the animals.

I also usually visit zoos when I travel. The Skopje Zoo... looks like it has been bombed and smells special... the Sofia Zoo is really nice... exquisite tigers. And I was surprised ot be up there and actually run into a friend, Kosio. Very random meeting place.

I spent all day today in the city museum pondering the space and taking measurements.
Why do digital artists feel so attached to digital images... screens and projections... out of nearly 30 pieces, there are no pieces without images and only 4 or 5 sculptural works. Is this a trend withing the Upgrade! circle or across the board in digital art?

The LINE girls in the office late. Producers of Chain Reaction.

Recently I decided to make the RAINBOWS project without any monitor at all, it will have mechanical controls, and use just lights and sounds as indications. And thinking about all these flashing screens i will be around soon is just makinbg me feel beter about that choice.

I want to explore interaction and action and how to instruct users without just using instructions and on screen indications. Back to basics and hands on.

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