Interactivos?09 = field trip! = April 19

We took a day off and went all together on a field trip to the Pachacamac ruins 40 minutes away from Lima and then we went to the beach!along the route
Some political advertising along the route.
Perro Peruano! Ancient hairless dog at Pachacamac. This one is albino.
Offrenda at Pachacamac.
A guard alone on the hill at Pachacamac.
Monica is always running around super fast taking care of all of us. I am so glad that I am, for once, not the organizer!
Gaston and me at the beach after super tasty lunch.
Dead penguin on the beach.
Small girl at the beach.

An Inca calculator system. At Pachacamac.

Nice clean water! :P Playa de la Silencia.

We were all in a good mood at the beach after eating awesome seafood. Its nice to get away from the computers sometimes.

Some of the group cooling their feet after a football match. Latino americanos VS el resto del mundo!

An offrenda made by our friend to the Sun God at the Pachacamac temple. We visited these ruins together. Lots of bricks in the desert!

The road on the way from Lima to Pachacamac.

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