once every 10 years

wow, its really amazing here. some artists working on incredible projects (designing cities that are entirely powered by guinea pigs and electricity generated by hotel bed movement because people have a lot of sex there) and you can even eat guinea pig meat in restaurants here in Lima. The people are lovely and interesting. There are many crossovers between the projects and it will be great because we'll be able to research together. I think some DIY holographics and a lot of water systems are going to be created for a few of the projects and some of us have decided to visit the zoo. In the street I saw a guy walking with his ladder (under his legs) and I noticed that people like to park their motorcycles in front of shops that have security guards. The police and security are everywhere but their dogs look quite cute and friendly. There is not much separation between outdoor and indoor. It rain here once every 10 years. There are open spaces in the ceiling and some restaurants open 24 hours simply have no front wall. Shops are at sidewalk level. We together decided (through an algorhythmic process) that our common reason for being here is 'placer(pleasure)'.

photos soon...

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