Interactivos?09 = Rainbows - a job

gotta make a prism since we have not found one here yet...

Optical Water Prism - More DIY How To Projects

"Water prisms have long been known as an apparatus for refracting light waves propaged through such a prism. Water prisms themselves at least go back to the time of Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749-1832) who used water prisms to study the spectural effects on light passing through the refracting surfaces of the prism. It was early discovered that a water prism was less expensive to construct because it did not involve the forming of a primodic shape from a solid material having optical qualities but rather only required flat glass surfaces forming a triangularly shaped closed container which could be filled with a liquid medium such as water to provide the body of the prism. Typically in such water prisms, a means was provided for filling and emptying the prism." [from]

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