Interactivos?09 = Rainbows Progress = April 16

I spent a lot of time today running around to get supplies. I was kind of tiring, but as soon as I returned with them, we were immediately able to make major progress.
The most important thing has been the manual pump water pulverisor... Its the best way so far to create a lot of pressure and now we're looking for the way to get this pressure by making the user pump it. We will abandon the electric pumps, they just don't give enough pressure. And we like the idea of having the users manually take part in the process, this way they feel the actual process, it's made directly physical, not just visualised in a removed way and also they will have something to keep them busy while the computer is processing.

Plus it,s just plain funny to do such a physical action in order to crank/squeeze your data out of your usb memory.

Dan made some tests with RGB light gels(transparencies), mirrors and various lights and actually made some little rainbows.


This little grass sprinkler saves the day with this tiny red tip. The jet of water sprays straight onto the red surface and then the little 1mm shelf above it directs the water downwards and out tot he sides... creating a great little wall of water.
We will continue with this design principle to make a curtain of water, miniature rain.

This steam train mechanism has provided some ideas for the pumping mechanics. We need to convert from crank to piston movement.

Collaborators Daniel Foster-Smith and Frank the genius from Lima outside on the terrace of Escuelab. Currently the water lab.

Edson's notes about the algorithm for calculating the colour data from each image.

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