Interactivos?09 = Rainbows Progress = April 17

Today was really productive, for greasy, and magical reasons.
We found some parts from the old elevator of the Escuelab building. Its 2 wheels, offset and moving at different speeds and it is placed perfectly so that the user can crank the outer wheel quickly and the inner wheel will raise and lower the piston of the water pump in a controlled way. This is an amazing, solid and instant (well except for having to clean off the grease) solution to our problem of creating a lot of water pressure. Now we will be able to move along with the optics.

Dan cutting out the wheels.

The rest of the old elevator curcuit.

The salvaged wheels.

The new configuration: crank wheel = piston power.

a diagram to determine the size of the unit. We will get some materials and build the frame tomorrow.

Next step.. light refraction.. if anyone knows where to get a triangular prism like this in Montreal, please speak up ASAP, because Maxime Damencourt is coming here soon and he could bring it. We're having trouble finding a prism here.

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paved staff said...

re: giant gears -> pump

To paraphrase alan patridge...
"that is a nice action"...