Interactivos?09 = Rainbows Progress = April 24

Hi, we're mega busy, even almost no time for updates!
We are taking photos though so I'll post later on.

But here are a few photos from today. We have shape! Great shape! and the wood looks so nice, suddenly the crazy prototype actually looks really clean and minimal. Maybe we'll oil or gloss it up!
I build the sides for the box but had less than good luck with the water spraying... the drops become too big as the fall away from the nozzle. We have to try to find a better tip tomorrow. I'm also trying to line up the optics and see how everything can fit into the box.

Dan create the circuit today, he tackled the arduino for his first time and now he's soldering a really nice shield for it with the permanent circuit.

ug... sorry, this update is kind of short and choppy... I'm tired and we're so busy! One important thing to say though is that Frank, as always is saving our asses about every 5 minutes. I'm baffled at how someone can know some many technologies.

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