morning thoughts : Lima apr19

I was talking to AGF this morning and she is working on some sounds today.
Today we are going to Pachacamac, the oldest city in Peru, its a day off so we're not going to be in the lab.

Here is the process sequence (as if now)...

P=python code,computer functions
SOUND=sound :)

SOUNDS 1 + 4 have defined length ( very short, 2-6 seconds)
SOUNDS 3 has defined length, same as rainbow ( 15-20 seconds)
SOUND 2 should be variable length, maybe more of a rythmmic or looping thing

M - indicator on beside USB slot
U - user plugs in usb
SOUND 1 ON - indicates start of process
M - indicator off beside USB slot
M - indicator on beside CRANK
P - USB mounted
P - amount of data read (CRITERIA 1)
P - time of necessary cranking decided (ie. 1 crank for 10kb)
SOUND 1 OFF - indicates start of process
SOUND 2 ON - plays during cranking process (maybe rhythmic?)
P - colour data collected for each image (100 points) (CRITERIA 2)
P - colours 'collected' in 7 rainbow colour 'bins' (with safety algorithm)
U - user turns CRANK (must turn at least the minimum times defined by the (CRITERIA 1) data
SOUND 2 OFF - finishes when the user has turned the decided minimum times
U - if (CRITERIA 1) cranking minimum is met then a visualization of (CRITERIA 2) is shown
M - 7 tubes with water buildup depending on the colour (to be defined)
P - if the colours collected for (CRITERIA 2) come into range of each other (CRITERIA 3), then a rainbow is triggered
SOUND 3 ON - indicates end of process and start of RAINBOW (only if all the criteria is met)
P - if (CRITERIA 3) is not met, (CRITERIA 2) is stored, waiting for another user
SOUND 4 ON - indicates end of process (plays at end of process if there will be no rainbow and after the rainbow happens)
U - user removes in usb and can leave

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